Dropdown List does not work on Mobile browser

I created a prototype for mobile using the RP 9 Beta. I have no problem interacting with the prototype on the desktop browser.

However, when I tried it on a phone, the dropdown list shows up as a textbox and I cannot interact with the dropdown on iPhone or Android.

I am using the default widget for droplist on form.

Does anyone have similar issue and know a fix?

Hi songmei,

This is a known bug we have on file for the 9 beta where form-type widgets (e.g. text field, droplist) do not work on mobile devices, and I’ve added this post to that report. For now, a workaround would be to add an OnClick to the droplist to set focus on “This” (the droplist) for the interaction to work properly.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Kane.
Another issue I have is with the default checkbox. it is hard to check on both browser and

I have hard time to find out on mobile phone, where I should tab to make the checkbox checked.

The clickable area is so small. do you have a work around for the checkbox, too?



Hi songmei,

No problem! If the checkbox is too small, you can enlarge the size of the checkbox button by selecting the checkbox widget and navigating to its Style tab:

If you’re having trouble getting the checkbox to get checked on the mobile device (due to the bug I mentioned above), you will want to use a similar workaround, i.e. give the checkbox widget an OnClick that sets the checkbox widget to selected.

I’ve attached an example file to demonstrate this. Lmk if you have any questions!

CheckboxonMobile.rp (44.8 KB)