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I’m just starting out with Axure & would like to transfer the information from the search engine attached to a search engine on the next page. I’ve read about Variables, but when I think I have it, I test it & I get no results. What am I doing wrong?


Hi Amanda,

Hard to tell what’s wrong without seeing the logic applied. If you can attach your RP file or screenshots of the cases applied, you can get much more specific feedback.

Generically… To get the data to feed from one page to another, you’re right you’ll want to use global variables. Based on your screenshot, you may want to create three global variables - dates, adults, and children. You’ll likely want to set those variables on change… i.e. onTextChange for the textfield and onChange for the dropdowns. If you’re setting them on the button click, you need to be sure you put the set action for the variables before you put any navigation. I’ve even had to put a wait in a few times to make sure the variables are set.

On pageload of your subsequent page you can then pull those variables in or add logic around them in cases.

Again, can give more specific feedback if you can share the rp file or screenshots of the logic.

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Hi UXprotoTyper,

Thanks so much for your reply.

Please see attached RP file. In the meantime, I’ll try my hand at your advice.

Thanks so much!
Sample.rp (231 KB)

HI again UXprotoTyper,

Below are the screenshots of my the Case Editors I’m using for Page 1 & Page 2. Page 1 is referring to the Search button as on Click I’d like to load the droplist selection onto the next page. Page 2 is referring to the On PageLoad interaction which is where I think I’m going wrong.

Thanks again!

You’re setting the variable Adults to be whatever number was selected on the first page. That’s fine. However on the second page look closely at your condition (I find reading the logic out loud helps). You’re checking if the value of the droplist on the second page is equal to the value of Adults (which came from the whatever the last droplist was). So unless the default value of the droplist on the second page happens to be whatever value the first droplist was set to, nothing will happen. Let’s say Adults is 2, and the default of the droplist on the second page is 0. Does 0 (the droplist default) = 2 (the variable value)? No, so the condition fails and the case does not execute.

Instead you want the condition to check the value of the variable and then set the droplists accordingly.

EDIT: This is a better way

OnLoad, set selected list option to (Droplist) to [value of variable]: Adults

Repeat with the other droplist and variable. This will directly set the droplist to the option that matches the variable value. So if the variable is 2, it will set it to 2 (assuming the option exists in the list).

I did this on the OnLoad event of the droplist itself, just to keep everything nicely contained.

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Sorry to be late to the party - but Nathan is spot on. Holler if you need any additional assistance.

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I think my trouble is working out how to select the right condition. I think I might look up some more tutorials on Conditional Logic on Axure, in hopes to be more knowledeable.

I’m clicking the “Thanks” icon to thank you both but it doesn’t appear to be doing anything? So thank you once again!

Axure could simplify this by making a right click option available on widget set as Global Viable and the use it on any pages.

Hi everyone,

Like rondy88, I’m trying to save the information selected in a droplist on the first page to the next but even when I follow your instructions I can’t seem to get the expected results. Could you please help me understand what’s wrong, I’m new with Axure & I’m far from understanding everything about global variables

Thanks a lot,


PS : the 2 droplists contract type & contract subtype are linked so that the depending on what choice I make on the first, I have different options on the 2nd.

Droplist carried to next page.rp (234.6 KB)

Hello @Oriane,

Hope you are doing well :slight_smile:

Since you asked for it, lets quickly understand what is wrong in your file first and then will walk you through how I corrected it.

  1. You have set the variables wrong. Contract_type is set to incorrect droplist. You are setting it to droplist from contract subtype.

By the way, you are spot on setting the Value atribute while changing dynamic panel state. Kudos :clap:

  1. Once the variables have been set, you have used the onLoad variables to load content from onLoadVariable to which no value has ever been set. That is why you are seeing no action on this page when it loads.

You must have already guessed it!!

  1. Set proper variable values.
  • Set variable Contract_type to droplist by name Contract_type

  • Main logic is here.
    Set variable value Contract_subtype to a union of values from both the droplists.
    LVAR1 = droplist of contract B
    LVAR2 = droplist of contact A
    Have used boolean operator || for union

  1. Load proper values to the droplists
  • For Contract type : load the value from variable Contract_type and also change the state of Contract subtype the way used in Selection change. This is important since it avoids maintaining another variable to hold the state of panel.

  • Lastly, setting value of Contract Subtype using Variable Contract_Subtype. Setting both droplists equal to the same variable since only one of the states will be visible at the time and should not be a concern for this usecase.

You are done. Thanks for your time.
Here’s the updated file:
Updated - Droplist carried to next page.rp (235.2 KB)

Let me know if you have difficulty in understanding the solution.
Have a good day :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much @AngryComedian, so helpful, I was able to manage it in my file and I even understood the logic of it !! Thanks again, have a good day :slight_smile:

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