Dual functions one button and a DP

Hello I am struggling with getting dual functions on a button to work based on a selection made on a previous screen. What I have is a series of data registration screens where one of which ask the user to select his/her frequency of pay “weekly/Bi-weekly” this information is located on the “salary information” screen. Once the user makes a selection, he/she would be taken to a different screen where the user is asked to enter bank account information.
When this is complete and the “continue” button is clicked a dynamic panel pop-up alert opens with a consent to auto draft msg. Up to this point all is working well. The problem is when the user clicks the “accept” button on the DP and the DP hides and the user clicks the continue button the second time. At this point the following screen should correlate to the weekly or Bi-weekly selection the user chose several screens earlier.
Each screen weekly and Bi-Weekly have their own screen containing the corresponding information. In short, on the second click of the “continue” the goal is to have the user directed to the appropriate page based on the weekly or Bi-Weekly selection chosen earlier. Unfortunately, when trying any of the canned functions I do not see the “salary information” screen in the list of choices to set the conditions. What am I doing wrong?