Dual Range Slider



Hi josephxbrick,
Wow! Thank you so much! It works!

Now I understand the issue.

slider.rp (265.3 KB)

Many thanks again!


Your purple bar doesn’t move past the right slider. When I recreated this, the bar is moving past the right slider. Is there a way to fix that?


Thank you! Works wonderfully. Appreciated.


How can i change the range between numbers, i would like to set 18 -35



There is a hidden dynamic panel called “_vars” on the page that lets you configure that:


[Edit] Oh, you are using a different one than mine, which I haven’t looked at. Mine is here and it lets you adjust it.


Slider.rp (62.4 KB)
@josephxbrick Owh i already built one myself. I just have one question: how can you make it that the gray bar in this file gets a lighter color when you move the wyber (ondragX)


thank you. and is it possible to adjust it to only one side slider?



I updated this so there’s only one slider. You can still set the minimum and maximum. If you provide more details on the lightening and darkening you mentioned, that would be easy to build in.

simple-slider.rp (57.9 KB)



Hi! Can you help me how to make something like this? wherein the input control is attached to the slider. So, if I change the value in the input box, the slider will adjust accordingly. Thanks in advance!



Here’s an example doing this. The “variable” v_sliderMax specifies the maximum value for the slider. (Note: this assumes the slider minimum is 0.)

The “variable” v_isDragging is true while dragging and false while not. This is to prevent the On Text Changed event from moving the slider when the slider sets its text, which would move the slider knob twice; we want the field to move the slider only if the user enters something.

slider_with_field.rp (57.1 KB)


Wow, thank you so much for helping me out! This is great!