Duplicating Dynamic panels with code



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Is there a way of duplicating a DP using code? i.e. You want to add a DP with text with a value of text on another DP then click an add button. Then do the same n times.




Hmm if I’m understanding correctly and you want to dynamically add widgets to the page via the browser, then the native way to do this in Axure RP would be to use a repeater widget. If you store your values and the dynamic panel that you want to duplicate in the repeater, then by adding rows to the repeater you will get more instances of that panel to display.



I want to dynamically create widgets in a calendar i.e. you may have 365 boxes and each box needs to change when a user interacts with it. Depending on what the user does each box would do something. I need a way to auto generate widgets in each box. Plus in different views. So you have a day view, week view month view and different views of each of these i.e. rotas, shifts, skills and so on. So you can start to see I need 1000s of DP dynamically generated. Manually creating DP would take too long and using repeaters would take too ling.


Gotcha, that sounds like it’ll be a complex calendar. If you’d like to see examples of how others have built interactive calendar widgets, I’d recommend checking out the samples on the forum for ideas. This thread has a lot of great examples with the files attached if you’d like to browse:

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