Dynamic Dropdown

I’m trying to create dynamic filter – If i select(Dropdown 1) “Ice cream” in other (Dropdown 2) drop down i should be able to see only ice cream related brand, if i select Hair
(Dropdown 1) then only hair related brand in other drop down (Dropdown 2).

I tried following same steps as per tutorial but getting stuck. can any one help/share file with me.

Cheers! MD

Hi Madhura,

The simplest solution would be to put dropdown 2 into a dynamic panel where each state would represent the dropdown 2 element but with a different content. In this case, with Dropdown 1 state changed, you would just update visibility of the dynamic panel’s state which would create an impression that the data inside the dropdown 2 is updated but in reality you would show a copy of the same dropdown inside the dynamic panel.

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Not the most elegant solution. As Azrael suggests the second dropdown has 3 states. The selection in the first dropdown setc the state to the matching list. (it also resets the second dropdown to “Please select”)…

Demo: https://qayymp.axshare.com/#c=2

ConditionalDropboxes.rp (124.9 KB)