Dynamic hidden widgets

Is it possible to show/hide a widget by identifying the widget’s name, etc. rather than selecting the widget?

For example, by clicking on the hide button all widgets with the name started with “ID-“ should be hidden, without selecting any widget manually.

Thanks in advancedynamic hidden widgets.rp (46.1 KB)

Hi , I think its kinda possible with little effort. in Outliner , just filter by name , write ID in field, then select all listed ID in outliner with holding shift, now in inspector tabs select style and click Hidden. And it should work :smile:

greetings Karel

If you’re wanting something like: “OnClick, where widget name contains ‘ID’, hide ‘that widget’” the short answer is “No.”

Axure doesn’t really support looping through the DOM that way. The easiest way to hide multiple widgets with a single action is to group all of them together and apply the hide/show to that.

I know this is an old thread but since I don’t see a solution posted, thought this might help someone else…

You can do this with a javascript function like so:

Or to target all widgets with a name that starts with the word “note”:
javascript:void($('[data-label^="note"]').toggle(); throw new Error()

Or name containing the word “note”:
javascript:void($('[data-label*="note"]').toggle(); throw new Error()

(RP file: target elements by name.rp (73.4 KB)