Dynamic hints in repeater


Is there a way to fill the ‘hint text’ in a repeater input field with a value from the dataset, such as… ‘hint text’ = [[Item.placeholder]]



can only think of using Javascript to do the trick

Dynamic Hint.rp (50.4 KB)

Hint text override for input field master?

Wow! Thanks Steven! I think this will work.

I do have a question though. In the js, what does ‘u2-’ refer to?


nvm…I found it. It’s referring to the id Axure auto-generates for the element. Thank you for helping me on this and for providing the rp file for reference. You ROCK!



no problem. but one more thing about my approach here, which actually is wrong, instead of using “localStorage.clear()”, I should use “localStorage.removeItem”, otherwise it clears all localStorage data in your browser which may be useful for other websites