Dynamic Menu Tree Nodes

How do you dynamically add a new node to a Menu Tree? I am simulating a bookmarking feature, and I have a button, " Add Item". Is there a way to add the item as a sibling node to a list of items?

Let me know… I know I could have a second menu tree in the wings and show it On Click… but it would be cool to actually update the menu tree.

Hi tedrich,
I have done using repeater.Please check the attached RP file.
Dynamic Menu Tree Nodes.rp (62.8 KB)

Hi tedrich,

As suggested by Vikram’s file, it isn’t possible to directly add or remove nodes from a tree widget. This is something that you’d need to simulate with a repeater widget. That being said, I think it would be pretty handy to have more direct control over the tree widget, so I’ll be submitting this as a feature request to our project managers to see if we’ll be able to get some form of this implemented in a future version of Axure RP.


Hello Jonathan,

Any updates regarding the implementation of this future?
I was just trying to add a sibling dynamically to a tree and came across this post.



Not yet, but I’ll let our product team know that there’s continued interest in being able to dynamically add to a tree widget.

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