Dynamic panel border disappears when switching state

Maybe someone caught this already…
I defined a border to a dynamic panel.
It shows as long as the dynamic panel state is not switched in the preview.
When an interaction fires ‘set panel’ to a different state - the border disappears.



Did you define the border on a rectangle or another widget inside a state of the dynamic panel? To my knowledge a dynamic panel can only have a background and not a border on its own.

If I wanted to add a static border i would add a rectangle outside and behind the dynamic panel.

Otherwise I would probably need a screenshot or your workfile to analyse your problem.

Kind regards.

In Axure beta 9 you can define a border to the DP. It appears under style, thus it should work in all states.

Maybe you are referring to older axure version?
I use a box behind the DP, but this is a workaround that is used because of the DP border glitch.

Cheers, Iris-


The the fill color, border, corner radius and shadow are set per state of the DP rather than for the DP as a whole.

ahmmm, interesting. That does make sense, and it works. But than, why is the STYLE option on the DP itself is being used for?


Good question! It seems like state-specific options should be offered here:

yes. it does. looks like a glitch