Dynamic panel changes its position in preview

Hi Axure community !

I created a prototype with a nested dropdown menu, each level of the menu is a dynamic panel. I used ‘set panel state’ with the option ‘show if hidden’ to display the second level of the menu with a click. In the preview and for some items, the second level of this menu is displayed about 20px on le right from its original position. It’s not the first time I’m experiencing this issue and I don’t understand why.

Does anyone have an idea of why this panel is moving all alone? :face_with_monocle:


Are you sure the dynamic panel itself is moving position? If the top-left-most item in each state is not in the same location, eg., (0, 0) then it may appear as if the dynamic panel has moved when in reality it is just the position of widgets within the dynamic panel.

Look into each state of your dynamic panel and ensure the location of the widgets is consistent. If that’s not it, you could turn on the Console and Trace inspector to see if your Interactions code is somehow moving the dynamic panel or widgets in it.