Dynamic Panel - Flip Animation instantly scrolls the user to the Dynamic Panel

Hi everyone,

I believe I have found a bug, but maybe one of you has solved the issue I am having!

Basically, I have a Dynamic Panel with two states. After waiting 5000ms on Page Loaded, I set the Dynamic Panel state to “State 2” with a Flip Down animation of 500ms.

However, if this panel is at the top of the page and I start scrolling further down the page, when the animation is triggered (after 5000ms) the panel state changes, but the window instantly scrolls to the Dynamic Panel.

I don’t want this to happen and instead want the animation to happen in the background whilst I am further down the page, as this will allow me to run some more effective user testing with different scenarios.

Any ideas?


It seems to work fine once shared and opened on a mobile. Should all be sorted for testing!

But the issue remains on desktop even with the shared link.