Dynamic Panel Missing From Case Editor

Hi, I am running Axure enterprise edition version 8 in macOS High Sierra. While creating a slider using the dynamic panel, I realised that the Dynamic Panel is missing from the Case Editor (on click).

AM I missing something?


Is the panel named? Do you have the filter selected to hide all unnamed widgets?

Hi, Thanks for the response.
I named the Dynamic Panel “Slider”
I do not have the filter selected - I have only three widgets on the Page.

When I opened the Case Editor for On Click action, I am not able to see the Dynamic Panel in the Case Editor.

Appreciate you help - million thanks.

If you take a look at the image I posted, the Case Editor does not show any Dynamic Panel.

Am I missing something?

I don’t use Mac but check under widget

Does it show up, once you have added an actions?
You can either select it from the list. Or when the case is added to the widget you want to manipulate use ‘This Widget’.

@SyedYahya You’ll need to select an action first.

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Hi everyone,
I finally got it. It seems that in version 8 there is no specific “Dynamic Panel” group in the case editor. I looked into the Widget group and the “Set Panel State” will do the job.

Thanks for the pointers everyone.


Thanks!!! I was looking for it too. :smiley:

For a bonus 10 points … can you explain the logic of how those list contents are ordered? :wink: