Dynamic panel moving content problem

wireframes draft 20200615 - dynamic panel move problem.rp (282.0 KB)

I have a problem with the dynamic panel that is moving content to the right and to the left when collapsing and opening.

  • When it is loaded, the panel is open.
  • in vdex_beheer_home: when I close the panel, all content is moved to the left correctly
  • in the ohter pages, only part of the content is moved when I close the panel. and when I reopen the panel, then all content is moved to the right, which results in a messed up interface.

I took a look at your project, and I think I know what’s happening, but there’s a lot going in there and I can’t read Dutch, so work with me here. :sweat_smile:

It’s counter-intuitive but widget groups work differently than dynamic panels when it comes to Push/Pull.

The Push/Pull action sees a dynamic panel and all of its contents as a single element so when it the pulling widget checks to see if there’s anything its the right it only sees the panel and doesn’t care about what’s inside it.

Groups, on the other hand, aren’t seen as a single element, so the pulling widget will only effect those widgets that are “inline” with it and leave any other widgets in the group alone.

The easiest fix would be to everything to the right of your side menu in a dynamic panel so the menu just pulls it.

It looks complicated, I will have to take some time and testing to see how this behaves.
Thank you