Dynamic Panel not working properly

2 states in dynamic panel. When it goes to 2nd state the first area become no clickable.

It has two states. one is normal and other is active. For active i have changed the position of snd state.
When I changed the position. the blank placeholder of first space does not allow me click the first button.

Looking for solution…

what u have to do…

run this page’
click on 2nd tab… when you are on 2nd tab, First one is not clickable…


dynamic-panel-click-issue.rp (65.4 KB)

Why is your second state positioned to 300,0 ?

to show the activate state of 2nd button.

Hi neerajk,

I took a look at your file and it looks like the reason that the “btn01” widget isn’t clickable after clicking on “btn02” is because of how the “buttonhover” panel is set up. It is set as “Fit to Content”, and its second state has the content moved over to (300,0) as mniroula pointed out. This is creating a 300 pixel wide blank section in the dynamic panel’s left side, which overlays the “btn01” widget and blocks clicks from getting through to that widget.

If you want that widget to be clickable in the panel’s second state, then you can cut and paste the “btn01” widget and put it inside of “buttonhover”'s second state on the left side, so that it’s inside the panel and clickable.

Hopefully that helps!

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Yes, Now the issue is solved. Thanks for your suggestion.