Dynamic Panel OnDrag to make expanding and contracting area

Hi! I want to make an expanding and contracting area using a dynamic panel but there is a twist here. I’m using two lines only for it. Here’s he scenario I want to recreate: There is a stationary dot in the center and two lines on equal distance to it, one on left and one on right. I want that if you drag the “Left” line towards left, the right line should move to right, basically opposite (from center), and vice versa for the left line moved right. Same applies to the “Right” line when dragged to right or left. How do I do that?

Hard to guess without a sketch - here is what I understood.

Slider-With-Handles.rp (58.8 KB)

The Drag and OnDragStart Functions are very helpful here. Also you can resize from center.
And I set a global variable for the initial size. this could be replaced with a invisible text placed on the widget.

Yes! That’s what I was looking for, exactly! Thank you so much! I’ll look into and implement it as required.