Dynamic panel ordering not working

This is what my prototype looks like in Axure. Two dynamic panels, the one of the left is on the top and show should cover the bottom DP as it is here:

This is what my prototype looks like when I publish it. The bottom dynamic panel is showing on the front.

Why are the layering of the dynamic panels not working correctly.

Could be any number of reasons. If you click ‘Outline’ in the left-hand pane, you should see the real panel order (states of dynamic panels will pop to the front when you are editing them, but may not actually be at the front).

You may also have a page load interaction which is bringing something to the front, or the state you are loading in the dynamic panel may not overlap with the panel underneath. I’d recommend posting the relevant portion of your .rp file.

Actually I fixed this by creating a new dp, and cutting and pasting the content from the old dp into the new one, and all is well now.


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