Dynamic panel PAINFUL

Ok this has been bugging me for months. I create a DP, add onclick events. I then copy and past this DP into another page, now the DP on the new page it looses oncick events. The other problem is if I copy the DP 3 times to 3 different pages I then need to edit each DP on each page? Shouldn’t I just have to edit the one DP that i created instead of editing each one on each page! What am I doing wrong here?

Ok, only way I could get this to work is to first create widgets, group them as a master, then apply DP. Now I got issues with an event I want to call inside the master. It no longer sees the list the widgets when I click on the case editor. This has changed from the older versions. The only way around this is to raise an event.

Second issue:

Can anyone tell me why when I copy my DP with a master with an action to another page it loses reference to the action? But if I select all elements on the page and past to a new page it retains the action! Frustrating!

Hi neuro929!

If you copy & paste a dynamic panel with OnClick events to another page, this DP (or any widget), would lose its OnClick interactions. However, if you copy & paste the widget that was targeted in the OnClick event as well, then the DP’s OnClick interactions should carry over.

For example, let’s say you had a DP on the page that hid an image widget with its OnClick. If you were to copy & paste the DP onto another page, the OnClick wouldn’t transfer over. However, if you were to copy & paste both the DP and the image widget, then the OnClick would transfer over since the targeted widget in the OnClick was also pasted over into the new page.

As for the master issue, would you be able to post your RP file here so that I could take a closer look? From what you’ve described, this sounds like the expected behavior, but I would like to double-check.

For the last issue, this sounds the same as the first where you will need to carry over the targeted widget(s) in the original page to the second page for the widgets to retain their interactions, otherwise, Axure RP will not know which widget to target in the new page if the widget in the original page was not carried over as well.