Dynamic panel pushing wrong elements when elements are grouped (sample file included)

When some items are grouped they are pushed around inappropriately. Items that are far above a panel that is set to push widgets below it grabs elements that are far out of its jurisdiction and jams them down the page. If I UNGROUP the elements it clears the issue, so I can work around it, but it is a hassle. I have sample file I created, but can’t see how to share it as an attachment. I have posted the file to dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ege2aj26bgru63/Push%3APull%20bug%20sample.rp?dl=0

Hi atimefordesign!

This should be fixed in the latest build of the 9 beta (3620), available via “Help > Check for Updates” or from www.axure.com/beta.

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Just tested and confirmed that it is fixed on my end. Thanks a lot for the alert (and the team for the the fix).