Dynamic Panel vertical scroll doesn't work

It seem’s that if you set a height to the Adaptive view (instead of any) and then use a dynamic panel with larger content than its rect plus active the scroll option, the scroll bars doesn’t appear and the content doesn’t scroll into the dynamic panel. If you removed the width and let any, it works.

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Hi Philippe,

I was unable to reproduce this from a simple test. Could you post an example .rp file where this isn’t working for you? Please also let me know the browser you are using to view the page, as well as the build of the 9 beta (e.g. 3620). Thanks!

HI Jane,
Here is the Ax9 file Ax9_ImportCM2_v1.rp (261.5 KB)
I used the 3620 version.
I’m using Chrome (Version 69.0.3497.100)

To check :

  • If you localy preview this file as is, you’ll see that the vertical scroll is working for the list.
  • Then go to STYLE tabs/ADAPTIVE VIEWS and add 800 to height (instead of any). Publish localy again. For me, I can’t scroll the list anymore.

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for the sample .rp file - that was very helpful! It looks like scrollbars become disabled if the dynamic panel contains a repeater and if the page has a set height, and I’ve filed a ticket with our QA team about this. I saw this working for the Safari browser, if that helps as a workaround, but if not, you’ll want to disable height for the page for the scrollbars to show.

Hopefully this helps a bit!

That what I did in the meantime. Thanks Jane for your quick actions to fix this bug

Hi, this thread is more than two years old and I still notice the same issue that Philippe describes. Removing height works as well. I’m using version
What is the status of the ticket?

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