Dynamic Panel with 16px left and right distance (in a browser window)

How can i create a Dynamic Panel with two distances 16px (left and right + in a browser window)? Or a expanting container (with content) with the same effect?

If your page style is left-aligned, it’s pretty easy.

Place your dynamic panel at x = 16, y = whatever-you-want. Set its “Loaded” interaction to:
Set Size "This" to [[Window.width - 32]] x [[Height]]

Then set the page’s “Window Resized” interaction to:
Fire Event "PanelName" fire Loaded

You could also “fake it” by setting the panel to “100% Wide (browser only)” and giving it a 16px left and right border.

Tx a lot… it works. But Window Resized for the page doesn’t… when i change the size of the window, the size of the panel doesn’t change. (only after a reload).

Hmmm…I should work. Here’s an example that might help with troubleshooting: Window_Resize.rp (44.1 KB)

TX a lot huban for you help…now it works perfect.
Now i searching since days that the content of the window will do the same :slight_smile:

Window_Resize_1.rp (50.0 KB)

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