Dynamic Panel With Swipe and Click

Hello Axurers,

I have a dynamic panel with both horizontal swiping (on the dynamic panel itself) and clicking (on a group including the dynamic panel). The weird thing is that while both work well in the browser, the clicking doesn’t work on the phone. I’ve tried both Android and iPhone and I can’t click to go to the next state.

Is this the same in your case?

Here’s a sample:
Dynamic Panel Swipe and Click Doesn’t Work in Mobile Devices.rp (476.3 KB)

Thank you.


Hi Mactuarchitect,

Your prototype works fine and behaves the same for me on desktop browser and on my iPhone X with Safari. Nice job! What phone and browser are you using (or Axure app?)

To make it easier for others to test this on various mobile devices, here is the link to your Axure Share prototype:


I have found that using the onMouseDown or onMouseUp works better than onClick when trying to “layer” interactions in nested dynamic panels. You might try cutting the onClick event(s) and pasting to onMouseUp. (Look for it in the “More Events” droplist)

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Hi mbc66,

Thanks for the link. I’ll include such links in my future posts.

I was initially testing it using the Axure Share app in Android and it didn’t work then.

Now the OnClick is working on

  • the app
  • Chrome Android
  • Edge desktop browser.

It’s not working in

  • Chrome desktop

OnMouseDown/Up vs OnClick
Since OnMouseDown/Up is a subset of OnSwipeLeft/Right, i.e. swiping requires MouseDown, swiping left or right, then MouseUp, I’m not able to layer these interactions using OnMouseDown/Up.

Hi Mactuarchitect,

Thanks for those details and that RP file–it looks like you’re running into an issue where swipe and drag interactions would behave differently in different browsers on mobile devices. We have this issue on file, so I’ll go ahead and add your sample RP file to the report. If you’re seeing that these interactions are working as expected in the AxShare app (or in another browser), it may help to use that to view your prototype on mobile in the meantime.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this or if there’s anything else I can assist you with!

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