Dynamic Panel with transparent gradient background

I have a dynamic panel aligned to the bottom of the browser (100% browser width) that i’m going to have change color between screens when a user clicks. I want it to have a gradient background tile that goes from a color to transparent. But there’s no option for gradient fill color inside the dynamic panel attributes and when I try instead to tile a background gradient tile as a png, it doesn’t support transparent background tiles :man_facepalming: Am I missing something or does axure really not support any kind of background transparency inside dynamic panels?

Looks like you can’t do a gradient for a panel state background, so just use a rectangle shape instead. You can do a gradient with transparency as a fill for a shape. Don’t forget to set the shape OnLoad to be the same width as the panel.

Will do. Thanks for the tip. :+1:

This is such a loss of functionality, as it worked in Ax8! In order to apply a gradient to the full width of the window, I now have to add a rectangle and set it to [[window.width]] on both page load and page resize. In previous versions, I would just apply the gradient to the panel, and set it to 100% wide. Axure, please rethink this!!