Dynamic panels causing page to appear blank on live, but not on local preview

Hey guys, I’m totally stuck.

I have a page on my wires that has two dynamic panels, one for switching views of a form, it works great and works as expected when previewing locally via Axure. However when I upload the .rp file to share.axure.com the page just appears blank, or is unable to be accessed either via click throughs or the pages navigation.

Through trial and error, removing the two dynamic panels (‘to setup as a freelancer’ or ‘looking for employment’) and reuploading the file makes the page now magically work so I know it must be these two panels but I’ve got absolutely no idea why, can anyone help?

Here’s the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2kagpkz2m8rvesx/TWFM-v3.rp?dl=0

and the live url: https://4p6ih4.axshare.com/#g=1&p=home

And the page that doesn’t appear is ‘List Yourself - Post’.

Thanks for anyone who takes the time to help!

That page responds with a 500 error so there is most likely something buggy going on. Perhaps there’s some kind of corruption in the file with regards to those panels fouling things up. I don’t think it’s anything you’ve done wrong.

Thanks for your reply!

OK so now what? I’ve just tried copying all of the contents into a brand new page, reuploaded it and its still causing issues. How do I solve a corruption?

I would try emailing Axure support directly, you might get a quicker response.

In the end I just had to split the pages out and no longer have the dynamic switcher. It didn’t even work then (after i’d broken the dynamic panels out) but then when I removed this text (https://www.dropbox.com/s/sgb4vl727a2cxjf/Screen%20Shot%202018-05-09%20at%2009.04.55.png?dl=0) which I’d added into an input (as an example) it worked - not sure if its linked or just Axure being weird but im kind of ‘sorted’ now.

Interesting! We’ve checked it out on our end, and it looks like using “…/Documents/photo-me.jpg” does indeed cause the 500 errors (i.e. blank pages) on Axure Share when used on a text field. The “…” means in that file path indicates the parent directory of the file, and Axure Share looks and tries to replace the file path to get the image into your prototype. However, it shouldn’t do it here in this case; this seems to be what is causing the error. I’ve gone ahead and filed a bug report so that we can take a closer look on our end.

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Amazing, thanks Alyssa! I’ve removed the …/ references and all is fixed now. Thanks!