Dynamic panels: Closing action closes the Page, not the DP

When an active state of a dynamic panel is open, closing via keyboard Cmd/Ctrl-W closes the Page, not the dynamic panel.
Please consider having the keystroke do the equivalent of:
-clicking ‘Close x’ int he upper right of the DP canvas
-double clicking

[ESC] key should do what you’re looking for! It will pop you one layer “up” in depth.

Ok, ESC does work. I imagine this is aligned to the mental ‘shift’ of how we should be thinking of DPs with v9?

In v8, a DP was more a separate ‘page’ so closing, like a standard system window via Cmd/Ctrl-W, made sense. In v9, it is almost more like an inline modal or similar?

thanks, I appreciate the changes so far!

Yep, that’s right! Because the panel is a part of the page, we’re treating it more as such in the new editing model.