Dynamic Panels Cutting Off

I am experiencing a random glitch where my dynamic panels cut in half when I preview. I have had this same issue happen on multiple occasions on multiple different mock-ups. I use the latest version of Google Chrome to preview.

It makes it difficult to design when every time I try to view a dynamic panel, only half of the content is showing. The only workaround I have found is if I close out of the Axure project and re-open it, I can view the panel correctly again. Unfortunately, as soon as I refresh the page the panel breaks again.

In previous prototypes, I found that if I ignore the issue and continue working, it tends to fix itself eventually somehow. Regardless, I thought you should be aware of this annoying bug.

Hi jeniimae!

Hmm, I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior on my end just yet. Is this only happening when viewing your project in Chrome, or does it happen when viewing it in other web browsers as well. Is the dynamic panel behaving like this in Axure RP 9 on the canvas as well? To further investigate this issue, I’d like to review the project file where you’re seeing this issue. If you would prefer not to post the project file to the forum, you can reach out to us by email support@axure.com instead.

Thank you in advance!

Hey there,

Sometimes this happens to me, but the cause is usually that I’ve resized an element inside the dynamic panel causing the overall DP to look cut off (but the panel itself is sized properly).

Not sure if this is what’s happening in your case, but it may be worth a try.