Dynamic panels inside Master - changing state

I have a page that contains several graphs that must stay in sync. I created a Master for a labelled graph grid. The master includes the x-axis labels which happen to be dates. The user has two buttons, left and right. When the user presses a button the grid shifts (think of a step scroll), updating the x-axis labels to reflect the new time range…

I turned the grid/labels into a dynamic panel within the master and create multiple states. I created an OnClick interaction for each button that changes the master’s dynamic panel to next/prev. The problem is that when either button is pressed, only one instance of the Master changes state. This seems like a common use case, so I’m looking for a link to a tutorial or advice on which I might be doing wrong.


I assume you are initializing each of the master’s instances to show each starting label’s value.

There isn’t a command that modifies the master: you can only modify each of the master’s instances individually, and changing one instance has no affect on the other instances.

So as tedious as it sounds (assuming I’m understanding your issue) the right button would have to say:

Set dynamic panel of instance 1 to Next
Set dynamic panel of instance 2 to Next
Set dynamic panel of instance 3 to Next

Thanks for the response. That is what I ended up doing.

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