Dynamic Pinned Header / Scroll Spy in a Dynamic Panel

I am trying to create a dynamic header similar to the one found here. The problem is that I’m trying to do it within a scrolling-enabled dynamic panel. The header is still at the top of the page, but I want it to change based on where I am in the dynamic panel.

In the attached file, I want the “Header” to say what color is at the top of the panel (note the hot spot at the top of the panel).headertest.rp (58.6 KB)

Hi, playermod. Good news! The “crazy flicker” thing was once cutting-edge Axure technology but now is the domain of steampunk prototypers; there are better approaches now. Several years ago Axure didn’t have nearly as many events on which to hang an interaction. Now we can trigger the logic every time the panel scroll position changes instead of fashioning a machine from brass and hardwood to constantly check it. Also, we can get that scroll position directly using [[(panel).ScrollY]], rather than needing to use the overlapping hot spot. Here’s how I’d probably do it today.

headertest.rp (54.8 KB)

Hope this helps

Awesome! Way less challenging than the crazy flicker mess…

The only problem is that if I want to increase/decrease the height of the boxes, I also have to go back into the Cases and update the Y values for each box… unless there is a parameter I can use that will give me the ending Y position for each box… if that makes sense.

Well, now that you mention it…

headertest - widget top and bottom.rp (55.4 KB)


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Oh bottom and top is a nice idea :smiley: