dynamic repeater

Hey all,

I need a solution for the following problem:

About a repeat, the status of a dynamic panel must be changed.
For example: raw 1 (“name1”) corresponds to status1, raw 7 (“name 7”) corresponds to status7, and so on.
For a normal repeater, I would create a hotspot and define the action via a new interaction.

Now the repeater list should be dynamic. This means that new raws can be added to the repeater list via a dropdown (add “name 4”). These new raws should also have a relation to a defined status (here: status4). At the same time the repeater list shall be reordered (a-z or 1-9).

On the dynamic panel further dynamic panels are to be integrated. Therefore the solution with two repeaters is not possible.

All this should take place on the same canvas.

How could I solve this?

Many greetings - Elias