Dynamic State For A Dynamic Panel

Hey guys,

I tried this out but dont seem a way out.

Is there a way to create a state in a dynamic panel dynamically may be with a new row added to a repeater.

Basically think of as two column layout stacked horizontally : Clicking on left repeater item will load the dynamic panel based on the state name.

Layout Column 1: Repeater (add new)
Layout Column 2: Will switch to the state based on the row that is clicked on the repeater .

I understand that you can create multiple state and have them name accordingly and then on click switch to the panel, but I wanted it to be dynamic.

So I am thinking when someone adds a row to Layout column 1 it automatically add a state to the dynamic panel in layout column 2

Is there a way to do it or impossible in Axure

Cheers guys, thank you in advance!

Hi Axurefan,
I am not sure, if I got it correctly, here is an example: add-delete.rp (934.3 KB)