Dynamic Table Help

I have several requests to create a certain working part for my project. Feel free to answer any or all of them!

My table currently consists of multiple data about multiple people, and I’m using SQL injections with .NET for the backend. Not all data for each person may be filled in (i.e. they could be null; empty).

  1. I currently have a single row with no data, and as I add people, I need to add rows (or for the first one, simply fill it in). Is there any way to dynamically add rows once we’ve reached the end of the table rows (which will be most of the times, since we’re only adding one row at a time when necessary).

  2. As part of the data, I have a radio button where you can select one person in the table, and edit the person’s data. This radio button must be part of the table, must be dynamically linked to each person, and must be added every time a new person is added. The column of radio buttons will be a collection (i.e. can only select one person). Is there any way to achieve this (adding a radio button to a collection).

  3. Freezing a row at the top of the table. I originally designed my dynamic table to consist of one “header table”, where the headers of the table itself would be a separate table, and the real table would be a separate table with the same horizontal dimensions. However, I realized that with the dynamic table’s “scrolling when necessary” feature, that the tables wouldn’t coordinate when moving. So I’m wondering if there’s a feature within dynamic panels or within tables that allows the top row to be frozen, or even using my method to allow both to scroll if necessary.

After thinking about #3, would two dynamic panels, one embedded in the other, work? Have the outer one enable horizontal scrolling when necessary and one for the main table enabling vertical scrolling?

Hi, I don’t have an answer, but I a m very interested in how you connect to an SQL db through an Axure project output. Can you please share how you do this, maybe include a sample axure file and associated files please? This would help greatly.

I’m a little confused. Are you asking about integrating a SQL backend with an Axure prototype?

@dav123456. I didn’t personally make the backend linking so I’m not sure.

@RNilsson. I’m asking more about the frontend part of things. While my final project will involve a SQL backend, I’m sure it can be done. I’m more specifically asking about how the frontend can react with new data incoming, such as expanding the table and the collection of radio buttons.

So after testing it out a bit, I seemed to have reached a partial solution, for the time being. More updates when I can figure it all out.

To solve the issue with “tabling”, I created a repeater with the columns containing the data for each person.

I have yet to work with “adding a new person” to this repeater as well as incorporating radio buttons. I’m optimistic, as there’s a property for the repeater for “isolating radio buttons”. Therefore, I’m sure there’s some implementation.

For #3, my afterthought did seem to work. I created a “table header”, which contained only one row containing the headers for the main table. I created a dynamic panel containing this single-rowed table along with the repeater table (containing the main data), and set the horizontal scrolling to enabled. This allows the inclusion of any table where there are long or multiple columns and the page can’t include all of them in one view.

Then, I put the “repeater table” inside another dynamic panel, with vertical scrolling enabled. This allows the main table to allow for vertical scrolling, in case the screen can’t show all the rows of data. Only after did I create this did I realize the “repeater” widget has the “wrap data” option (which unfortunately does not work for my data, as it only wraps to the right) and the “pagination” option, which allows for multiple pages. The latter would be more useful, as I could use both scrolling and pages to manage a large number of rows.

As I said, more updates to follow when I figure out how to add new rows to the repeater and how to incorporate a radio button feature. If you have any tips, it would help a lot!

Edit: here is my file: Test.rp (461.7 KB)

(page Repeater)