Dynamic widget insertion on interaction


I’m trying to design a form such that when I click a checkbox it adds another form element below (i.e. “Do you have a discount code?” and when user chooses “Yes”, a textbox widget is shown below). Is there a way to design this in Axure so that the content below the checkboxes is automatically pushed down on the page when a new widget needs to be inserted?

Right now, I have it designed with the conditional widgets initially hidden. Then when user clicks checkbox, the widget comes into view. The problem is that this leaves an empty block of space on the page while the widgets are hidden.



This is what the push/pull widgets feature is for. Upon hiding something, you can say “pull widgets below” and upon showing something, you can say “push widgets below”

A good way to set it up is have everything shown at first (so you get the desired endgame layout), and then OnPageLoad hide everything you want to hide with “pull widgets.”

pushpull.rp (57.1 KB)

@josephxbrick Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, and even more for the helpful tip! I’ve been hiding things in my design and having other widgets overlayed and it’s such a pain. I’m gonna try out your technique now.