Dynamically adressing multiple widgets based on some parameter


Is it possible to have an action, that does something with all widgets on a page that match some parameter?
Example, I need to hide all labels with some string in their name when I click a button. But I do not want to select every label, when defining the click button. I would like to configure the click to look for all labels on the page, within a certain group or within a master, that have some string in their name.

Is this possible?


This is possible, but you would have to use Axure’s javascript API. I don’t what your experience is with, say, JQuery is, but Axure’s API has similarities with it. You use a “selector” that consolidates all matching elements, and to that list you can apply a function like “hide.” The only real docs I’ve found on it is here, which are incomplete.

It’s easy enough to hide everything on a page whose name contains a specific strings, but I messed around with it and I couldn’t figure out how to limit hiding to a particular container, like a group or a master.

Here’s an example hiding labels whose name contains “hideMe”. Note that to add javascript to Axure, you put it in the external URL of the Open Link command.

hide_widgets_by_name.rp (48.9 KB)