Dynamically filling breadcrumb with page titels?


I have a breadcrumb in my website project. The website contains many pages. I want to have the breadcrumb correctly filled on every page. To do this, would be a lot of manual work (putting in the correct breadcrumb path for every page).
So I want to do this automatically / dynamically. I have ordered all pages in folders (in the pages pane), corresponding with the respective path. For example: Home > News > News item

Question 1: is it possible to fill the different breadcrumb steps with the corresponding pages that are in the project, based on how the pages are ordered in the project pages tree?

Question 2: if not, is it possible to dynamically load text, for example the page titel as used in the page pane, in to a box


There’s no way for Axure to “scan” through the pages in a project. Each page is completely independent from all the others.

There is a way to populate text with the page name, but only for the current page.

Your best bet is probably to set a global variable for each page name and use those to populate your breadcrumbs.

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Thanks for your reply! Populating the current page is not what I need. So it has to be manual then for all teh pages :slight_smile: