Dynamically filling in participant's info

I’m creating a prototype to test with 10 participants. In the prototype, I display participant’s business name, address, photos etc, so I’d need to swap in and out each participant’s info and generate a custom prototype for each participant. Is there an efficient way to quickly store all participants’ info and generate multiple projects? I checked the repeater, but not sure if it’s exactly for this purpose. Thanks!

You could do this with global variables. Create a variable for each different field you need. Then throughout your prototype when you want to show one of these, add a placeholder text widget and on the OnLoad action of it add a Set Text action that sets it to the appropriate variable.

Then you can can create 10 different start pages. On each start page, add Set Variable actions to the OnPageLoad event that updates each variable with the correct value for that participant. Then you can have each participant start on their own start page. You can have the start automatically redirect to the prototype or have a “Begin” button or something. Whatever you want.

I’ve done this before in user testing and worked perfectly.

Thanks so much! Can you use global variables for images, or only texts? In my prototype, I also need to swap in and out business photos of each participant.

I don’t think you could store the image itself in the variable but you can store some kind of ID for the participant, then on the pages you could add conditional cases to change the picture based on the variable value, much like would with the text. There’s a Set Image action, if I recall correctly.

For the images you could also put each image as the state of a dynamic panel and name the states according to the client name. Then you can use the set panel state and set it to “value” where value is the client name variable. One less variable to maintain.