Dynamically go to reference page

I’m using a repeater and have a global variable wich contains a absolute url to a specific axure page.
But when i click on the link , i lost my global variables.

Is there a way that i can link to a dynamical internal page (without using reference page function (is not dynamic) by code?

So i get: open external url [[ code to specific page inside axure ]]

Nope. …At least not that I know of, and I’ve tried lots of things! Basically, when you open an external URL --even if that URL is a page in your prototype–you get a unique browser instance so all the global variables are reset to their defaults.

I believe the only way around this is to use Case statements to select which reference page to open based on conditions that test the page name–in your case that global variable, e.g., If NewPage contains "1" Open Page 1 in Current Window, Else If NewPage contains "2" Open Page 2 in Current Window etc.

To make this a little more manageable in larger prototypes–sometimes with hundreds of pages, I’ve used a “jump page” in my prototype so I only have to code all those case statements once. So, you would set your global variable, open the Jump Page, and in the OnPageLoad event, list out the cases, one per needed page, thus automatically opening to the appropriate page.

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Thnx but this is allmost impossible to code. What i try to achieve is the following:

On a start page the user can select several (random)subjects out of 20. The subjects are pages and after choosing them be shown inside the navigation menu. So far so good, this can be done with a repeater with exernal links. But on every page a user can put things on a todolist which is also a repeater and now i lost all my data because of the external links inside the navigation menu

When i use your solution i have to build hundreds of cases