Dynamics Slider - Help me

Hello, everyone.

I need to change the behavior of slider with tooltip.

But I don’t understand how it works…

Since this morning, I’ve been on file and yet I don’t understand.

I have three sliders:

  • Montant
  • Mensualité
  • Durée

Once the amount is entered, the user has the choice between the “Mensualité” or the “durée”.
If he chooses to modify the “Mensualité” slider, the “durée” adjusts itself according to and vice versa
It should be noted that the min and max terminals can also be adjusted according to the amount chosen.

Now, on a screen where we already have all the sliders filled in, the monthly slider and duration interact together, but if the user chooses to change the “Montant” slider, the “Mensualite” adjusts itself to a “fixed duraée” (the “durée” slider does not move)

Do you know how I can change all this? i don’t understand how i can do this …

Thank you very much.

The file if you want : Expresso_simulation_09.rp (2.3 MB)

SomeOne can help me ? :slight_smile:

:pensive: No body knows ?

Hi Laurent.C,

I’m not sure which page you are referring to, but I’ll refer to the “SAV” page since that is the page readily showing the three Montant, Mensualité, and Durée sliders.

To start, it looks like the interactions can begin when clicking on either the Mensualité or Durée slider. If you were to click on the slider for Mensualité, for example, you’ll see that it has an OnClick that sets the text on its “val” widget:

This then triggers the “val” widget’s OnTextChange event:

Which then triggers both the OnMove of the “sliderHandle_Mensualite” dynamic panel and the OnTextChange of the “val” widget under the “D_durée” dynamic panel, due to the first Move interaction and its last Set Text interaction to the “val” widget.

OnTextChange of the “val” widget under the “D_durée” dynamic panel, it moves the “sliderHandle_Duree” dynamic panel:

, which then triggers the OnMove of this DP:

Note that the OnMove of the “sliderHandle_Mensualite” DP was called out as well, earlier with the “val” widget’s OnTextChange event:

All this to show how you can debug the interactions that are happening at once, or in sequence. I’d also like to point you to the HTML sidebar’s “Console” tab in the browser output that lists a trace of the interactions that are triggered on the page in order:

Hopefully this helps, but lmk if you need any targeted assistance in editing your interactions. :slight_smile:


Hello Jane,

Thank a lot, it’s more clear now. I succeed to move the slider between them but i have issues with numbers… and the solution wasn’t fluid for a user test.

We decided to do the user test with a html prototype instead of Axure.

Thank a lot for your explanation, your helping, i could modify my prototype.

Thank a lot. :relieved: