Edit a repeater record sees content on another row updated

I have created a table view of data. I have a feature that allows a user to click on one data item and edit it. That record updates itself correctly. (OnClick action opens a hidden dymanic panel)

They can then select another button which allows them to edit the entire row.

if the user edits data on row 1 via the “quick” edit, then goes to row 5 and edits via the “full edit” page then the 1st row gets updated with the content that has been saved from row 5.

it seems a bit “random” so doesn’t ALWAYS do it. which makes me think its a bug - as its not consistent, however any thoughts on whether i am pushing the limits of what the repeater update row function should support is welcome!!

Should it allow the user to go and edit all records as many times as they want - or is that outside the scope of what the widget is meant to do.


I’ve fixed it… after updating the record, i forgot to unmark the row :slight_smile:

I’m trying to update all the records in a row but it’s not working. On clicking the Edit button, all the values in the fields are preselected. But upon clicking the update button (I used update rows, it’s not updating the values)