Edit shape attributes on event

Hello everyone,

is there any way to edit a shape attributes and properties when an event (let’s say OnClick) is fired?

What I want to do is to transform a rectangle into a circle but I can’t find any option to either change shape type or add corner radius values.


Hi @Pandorave,

Try this:

  • Select your rectangle > Properties > Interaction Styles > Selected. Here you can set the desired corner radius.
  • Now add a case OnClick and make it toggle the value of selected (‘Set selected’ > This widget > set value to toggle).

Hope this works for you!


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Thank you @Rumturf,

that’s certainly a solution, though I’d like to see a transition and Axure doesn’t have transitions for Interaction Styles.

Anyway, this is the only way I’m afraid.

Thanks again :slight_smile: