Edit Value in a Repeater Dataset

I have a use case, when the user clicks on the cell in a Grid (table) it automatically turns into a text box and lets him edit the value. Can I achieve this using Repeater?


Hi apurvo,

Yep! The easiest way to do this would be to convert your repeater widget into a dynamic panel with two states: the first state containing the regular shape widget and the second containing a text field widget (or any other form element). OnClick of the button, set the panel state of the DP to State2 with the text field widget. You can get fancier by setting the text on the widget in the first state to the text on the text field widget in the second state.

I’ve attached a simple example file to demonstrate this. Lmk if you have any questions!

EditValueinRepeaterDataset.rp (59.5 KB)

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Here is a different approach for a Table widget. You could apply this to a repeater or any group of widgets as well.

This uses one Text Field widget (and submit button in the form of a checkmark shape) which is moved to the same location as the Table cell, shown and brought to front. Clicking any table cell moves and shows the input group (text field and checkmark) then clicking the checkmark or pressing Enter will update the cell and hide the input group.

Editable Table.rp (69.6 KB)

Thanks a lot Jane and @mbc66 :slight_smile: