Editable table in axure rp 8

Hello everyone,
I have created a prototype of an editable table in which i need not navigate to another page to add details or edit details in the table. we can add , edit and save the details in the table itself.
Here are the problems I am facing right now:-

  1. After saving and updating 1st row, when i am trying to edit and save 2nd row it is displaying enter the required fields rather it should save the details by displaying saved successful message.
  2. clicking on add new user, new row is added but text field is not displayed on the new row. Also after filling the details in the new row and clicking on save button it is showing enter the rquired fields to be entered message.
    I have attached .rp file for reference. Can somebody please help me out to resolve this? Thanks…editing and updating rows inside the table.rp (112.6 KB)