Editing dynamic panel states on the very same page

A big thumbs up for editing dynamic panel states inplace. This is not just more visually stable, it also enables us to place elements int the panel state which are visually connected to the page where the panel is displayed.
Thank you!


Yes this is a welcome change.

Except you have nested dynamic panels with groups and masters in them. After the 3rd sub-level, you barely know when you are. I start clicking outside until I get out then start diving deep to search other things.

For simple dynamic panels and interactions it works, but for complex ones, it is a pain.



I miss keyboard shortcut for exiting edit mode… :frowning:

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Hi agilek,

[ESC] should take you out of group or dynamic panel editing mode; is that what you were looking for?



I couldn’t find how to delete a dynamic panel from the list? Only duplicate, change order or add new…

Edit - I realised you can select and press the delete key on the keyboard, icon next to duplicate would be more intuitive

Edit 2 - also there is no undo, which is mindblowing

Agree! The lack of undo is insane. So much room for user error here!

Also, is there no way to go into one of the panels without first going into the first state? It’s pretty annoying to have to always enter the first state to then have to select another one.

Hi guys!

If you right-click on a DP state in the Outline, you should see a “Delete” option. However, I’ll also submit a request with our designated teams to see about a delete icon to make this more intuitive.

Second, you can undo an action on a DP state by using the shortcut keys [Ctrl]/[Cmd] + [Z]. Did you want to see something else?

Last, @jpumpr, you can use the Outline pane to double-click on the targeted state to go inside that state’s editing mode. It would default to the first state if you were to double-click the dynamic panel on the canvas. Please lmk if you have any feedback about this, or if you’re seeing something different!

Hey @Jane_Axure,

Thanks for the replay. For me, the undo shortcut/function doesn’t work when you delete the state of a dynamic panel, so you can easily accidentally delete a whole state. Undo does work when undoing within a state, but not when deleting a whole state.

For selecting different states, that is one option, but it does create a bit of friction, as you have to find the panel in the outline and then mouse back to the editing section (on large monitors this is a lot of real estate to travel over). What about an option to select a specific state in the right click menu for dynamic panels. Or maybe a ctrl+right click to only show the available states to choose form. Or when you select a dynamic panel, you see all the different states above/to the side of the panel as a flyout, so you can see them at a glance and quickly select one to edit (see attached image)

Hi jpumpr,

Thanks for the feedback about targeting which state to open in the canvas! I’ve passed along your feedback to our respective teams for review.

As for the un-do issue, my apologies for the misunderstanding! I was assuming you were talking about undo-ing state deletions through the Outline pane, rather than through the dynamic panel’s inline editing menu, and I see the same behavior as you where undo-ing a DP state deletion through this menu does not work. I’ve filed this as a bug with our QA team, so hopefully that helps a bit. :slight_smile:

Wow this would have saved me a lot of time… :slight_smile:

(Took me forever to stop typing Command-W to close a dynamic panel after switching to Axure 9.)