Editing Libraries

Either I’m missing something that’s way too obvious or… you can’t?
I see no way to edit or modify a Library of Widgets. I created a new library just fine. Saved it and now a day later I’d like to continue adding to it. Guess what? No “Edit Library…” in any menu. No way I could find! Nothing in the docs too!

Yeah… I FINALLY found the pulldown menu… after tons of hunting. At the very least it should be mentioned in the docs.

Please provide how you found it, so Others can see the solution.

Here’s what I think @AndyCohen meant by “found the pulldown menu”



  • Select a single library
  • Click the “3-dot” button in upper right of LIBRARIES panel
  • Click “Edit Library”

You can also just open the .rplib file directly in Axure by double-clicking the library file in file explorer or clicking “Open Existing” button in the launch dialog, or File > Open from editor menu (in the Open File dialog you can filter for only libraries by selecting the filetype option of “Axure RP Libraries (*.rplib; *.rpteamlib)”

I agree this is missing from the Axure documentation–at least it is not on the https://docs.axure.com/axure-rp/reference/widget-libraries/ page, nor does it show up in searches for “edit” or “edit library”.

Thanks for posting the reply. I don’t get here that often.
Using an unlabeled menu is something I NEVER do in my UI designs. If the user can’t find what they are looking for quickly then it’s on me.