Editing long tooltips does not work correctly

Editing long tooltips does not work correctly

Hi adamhughes,

Thanks for sending in the screen recording! It sounds like you’re having some trouble working with a lengthy tooltip. However, I’m having a bit of trouble seeing the issue in the video you recorded. Can you describe what’s not working correctly? Are you unable to add any additional text after the word “fleece” in your tooltip? Or is this rather an issue with how text is being deleted in the dialog?

Please keep me updated!

Try creating a long tooltip and then editing words near the end … the cursor goes in the wrong place

Hi @adamhughes,

Thanks for clarifying! I found I was able to reproduce the same issue if I changed my Scale and layout display settings to 125% or 150%.

Can you please let me know if your Scale and layout settings are set to anything other than 100%? If it’s set to something else, is it the “Recommended” option? To get there, click the Windows icon in your taskbar, click the “gear” icon, and click “System”.

Sorry for slow reply … I DO scale my font on my Widows PC.