Editing your adaptive project



Does anyone have a method for creating a hotkey to switch adaptive views?

I imagine something like: Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-<arrow> but don’t know how to access the control. I intended to use OS X’s built-in Keyboard : Shortcuts controls, but it wants the menu item text, of which there is none in Axure.

On a related note, I have created some simple AppleScripts so I can use keyboard commands to change text to Title Case, UPPERCASE, and lowercase that works within almost every program, EXCEPT for Axure RP (8b). Any ideas, oh brilliant forum readers? :slight_smile:


The new iOS/iPhone, doesn’t support the adaptive work. All “adaptive views” that we’ve tried and that worked before, are not supportive. On the iPhone (6 and 6+) the mockup is twice as big then it should be. Any idea? what can be adjusted?


Hmm, what is the width of the designs that you are building? The viewport width of the 6 is 375px and for 6+ it’s 414px, so if your designs match those and your viewport settings are set to default then I would expect those adaptive views to display correctly on the corresponding device. That said, it sounds like you may have created designs at twice the phone’s viewport width. If that’s the case, then you should be able to scale down the prototype in the viewport settings by going to “Publish > Generate HTML > Mobile/Device” and setting the initial scale to something like .5. Hopefully that helps!

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