Element with dynamic content in need to become sticky after a certain scroll

Good afternoon.
Does anyone know how to let an element (that is dynamically populated, so I would prefer not to duplicate in page) become sticky after the top boundary of the viewport gets to touch it?
I mean, a user scrolls, the page starts sliding and when the url bar of the browser touches the top part of the element, the element has to become sticky.
Please have a look at the attachment, I am referring to ‘Sticky_filters’ group.

filtri_per_test_question.rp (11.8 MB)

If [[Window.scrollY]] is greater than or equal to XYZ
Move stickyWidget to x: [[Target.x]] y: [[Window.scrollY]]
Else if true
Move stickyWidget to x: [[Target.x]] y: XYZ

Replace XYZ with the starting y value of the sticky widget


Extra credit:
Set XYZ as a variable OnPageLoad so you don’t have to update your interactions every time you want to change your layout and where the sticky widget is.

Thank you so much!
Everything works properly now!