Elimination of Note duplicacy


The issue is that my grid is a dynamic panel but not the pick-list where the action is applied. I do not want that to be a dynamic panel because then the on selection option does not appear. Any ways my only purpose is to just have a single note being shown whenever I switch the pick-list value without having to add the same note twice for each selection. I am again attaching my file for reference. The grid is hidden and will appear on right clicking and going to manage panel states with two values. There is the pick-list name Investor View there for which I want this feature. Kindly help in resolving this. I do not want two notes (same note repeated) to be shown in preview on the sidebar. Attaching my file.
manage emails.rp (704.1 KB)

Thanks for uploading the rp file, can you point us to the area/interaction you are describing?

Yes sure. In preview click on the white envelope icon. This will open a pop-up that is a form of dynamic panel. There is a pick-list named Investor view with two values. A note is showing on both values, however it is the same. The issue is that in the sidebar under the ‘Notes’ section, the note is appearing twice and that is because i have attached the same note for both the values which show different grid views. I just want the same note to show just once in the sidebar but be applicable for the pick-list at all times i.e. on switching values. Would appreciate if you could kindly reply with a solution since it is quite urgent.