Embed local html in iframe


i want to embed a html file in a iframe.
i saved the html file in the same directory where the axure prototype html files are stored.

The name of the html file is geo.html
in Axure i double click on the iframe and write geo.html

after i render the prototyp and view it in chrome i get the error “File Not Found”

To do this put the complete file path of the HTML you want in the iframe, not a relative path. Then generate the HTML and then open the prototype in a browser from your filesystem directly.

No way to see it in Axure or via Preview?


No, if you are using a local file, then it won’t show up in the Axure editor or the Preview mode in the browser. It would be a good feature request though.

Actually, the editor will not show any content for an inline frame widget, ever. You can use the generated HTML to see a local file in an inline frame.

If you want to use Preview to see/test with inline frames, then you need to post the content on a server. There are sites like Google Drive, Dropbox or Internet Archive which let you easily post content with URLs. If you need more security, work with your company’s IT to provide an intranet web server or consider Axure Enterprise.

By the way, you can use relative paths for your local files (and I recommend doing so) if you use the proper format. (I can’t recall if this was the case in 2016 when this thread started.) ./myfilename.ext for files in the root folder, or ../myfilename for files one folder up (or in other words, the same folder as your generated prototype folder), or just the filename for files within the same prototype folder.