Embedded link in paragraph displays in wrong position in HTML or Axshare

I’ve wasted far too much time on this, and it’s actually several questions.

Please see the attached demo - What Font.rp (204.7 KB).

I’m using Axure on 32-bit Windows 7 with Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (32-bit).

The basic idea is I have a descriptive paragraph below the page title. If the description is too long, I display a “show more” link. The show more link hides the short paragraph’s panel, pulls the widgets below, un-hides a second panel with more text, and pushes the widgets below.

To restore the short description, there’s a ‘show less’ link in the longer panel. It hides the long panel, pulls the widgets below, un-hides the short paragraph panel and pushes the widgets below.

Sounds insanely simple. Should be! I’m sure I’ve done this before, but this time…

The first issue is that the “show less” link displays in the completely wrong location within the long paragraph. If I go back to Axure and un-hide the long panel, the show less link ends up in more or less the right place until you click it then click ‘show more’ on the short panel.

If I switch - start with the short panel hidden, the long panel showing, and change nothing else, the ‘show more’ link continues to stay in the correct position.

Any takers???

My second issue is fonts, and perhaps it should be a separate topic but I suspect it’s part of the issue here.

I’m using three fonts in the test file: Tahoma for the title, Verdana for the section heading and Arial for everything else. Looks fine in Axure, but only the Tahoma shows up correctly on Axshare or in locally generated/saved HTML (Axshare and local HTML look the same).

I tried looking at font mapping, but for some reason, the Font Mappings option only shows Arial as installed on my computer - it’s the only choice I have when trying to re-map a font.

Any suggestions??


Taking a look at your file, why do a show/hide interaction when you could use dynamic panels? I’ve attached an updated file here for you to play with:

What Font_HT.rp (212.0 KB)

Hope that helps a little.


Hello! Regarding the font issue, can you try viewing the prototype in a different browser to compare? Also try clearing or bypassing the browser cache when you load up the prototype. And try publishing to a new project ID to test, too. Arial doesn’t render in the browser b/c of the unidentified target font in the font mapping entry, and so you can delete that mapping.

If you continue to get the error, though, it may be appropriate to split this topic into its own troubleshooting thread; in which case, please also post screenshots of what you’re seeing in place of Tahoma. And if possible, LMK the project URL (and password) that you’re viewing and we can check the browser console for issues. Thnx!