Enable / Disable overrides

first of all master overrides are great !

I hope it wasn’t ask in another thread.

But please allow user to show / hide overrides in the master view so when we create a component, we can show only intended parameters for end users,


Overrides are nice feature , but how can I change formatting aka make rich text in override ? I am afraid @Jane_Axure , @Rachel it is not possible now am I right ?

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A workaround can be to take overrided value and on ‘OnLoad’ set text as Rich Text and plug the given string.

Yep absolutely but it somewhat denies override feature in style pane.
Anway I should give it a try
Thanks for tip

For formatting changes, you can use a new master view, rather than master overrides. First create a master view with the styling needed. You can then place the appropriate master view onto the page, and use overrides to change the text as needed.

That would solve my probs , but it won’t render correctly in browser , so it is kind of useless now.
Anyway thanks for help, I hope you guys will found and investigate the issue.

Hi, did something change in this topic? Can we enable/disable overrides? I don’t need to edit all the texts in master. I would like to disable those unnecessary overrides.

It was a game-changer when Sketch (fairly recently) added this feature, so I’d like to see the same in Axure of course. Note: per the moderators of this forum, feature requests should be sent to support@axure.com.